Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Daisy leg injury

On Saturday I took daisy to
Puppy training as normal, it was there that the beginnings of an expensive day started, she was acting rather Excitable that morning and promptly fell whilst bounding towards me, leaving her led whimpering on the floor and frightening the life Out of myself & Craig, she wasn't standing or walking at all We lifted hefty daisy into the car and whisked her to the vets, where they Seemed v worried bout her lameness (they did say after they thought her lameness was that bad she'd broken her leg). Anyhow one anaesthetic & X-ray later, we were told no breaks of ligament damage....phew...we brought her Home where she slept & we carried her back end round if she needed 2 go outside, eat or drink. rest was the order if no improvement back on Wednesday
.Daisy stood at gate tail wagging looking round at me.I'd carried her that far,where'd she want to go now I Opened the gate,and she hobbled here my side of the bed, bless her
Lots of cuddles to make her better