Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Training had gone backwards *nervous laugh* as daisy hits adolescence
Although new sticks to date are, speak, crawl AND walking nicely on the lead, as opposed to hilariously dragging me across the field where she wants to play.
I have decided NO ONE can actually help me teach daisy to walk nicely on the lead except er me, as it's not worked yet ha ha, I am avoiding the excitement of the field until we have at least established NO PULLING AT ALL!

Training stands....WIP= work ongoing

Watch -WIP
Come STILL working on that
Find it
Hide n seek LOVE this one
No jumping up (all guests given instructions when they come in the house lol)
Leave it - WIP
Fetch it - WIP
Drop it - at my feet WIP

Her puppy biting seems to have subsided in part except when josh (bouncing teenager) starts playing then I have to intervene....
Her temptation to chewing is still ongoing, she is never left unattended therefore any damage is at a minimum, and I do go out on my own, on occasions ha ha....and I have the trusty 'crate' to be thankful for, keeps daisy safe! No really it does ;)
Tips always appreciated
Any suggestions on new tricks to greatly welcomed :)
Toodleloo for now :)

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