Sunday, 24 February 2013

Friends For Life: Tracey & Daisy Crufts 2013

Daisy (from XXXX): dog who brought joy to tragic family who lost son and dog to tumours  in the same year -  Tracey tragically lost  her 6 year old son Jack in October 2011 , after a 2 year battle with a brain tumour.  Just months before the family’s Bull Mastiff, Louis, had to be put to sleep after being diagnosed with a tumour as well. The family needed to help fill the immense void in their broken lives deciding to take on Daisy, another Bull Mastiff, who helped in ways they could not have imagined. Tracey said; “No parent should have to lose a beloved child and losing our family pet in the same year just added to our misery. Although the house was quiet and lonely I had not left it for months. Daisy slowly helped bring love and laughter back into our home, she helped me leave the house and without her our world at times would certainly of been a much darker place. We sometimesunderestimate just how much healing the love of a dog can do, in even the most tragic of times, Daisy must of known this and has certainly made a massive difference in our lives.” 

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Also helping us raising Brain Tumour awareness and  showing that Bullmastiffs are a loving friendly breed....

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